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Cal-Moto Sunday Shop Ride

  • February 06, 2011
  • 9:00 AM
  • Cal-Moto parking lot

Sunday Shop Ride 

Welcome to the February, Superbowl Sunday, Shop Ride!

We will be riding out from Calmoto in Mountain View on Sunday, February 6th. We will beleaving the shop parking lot at 9:00 am. Please be gassed up and ready to go at that time. We will have a short safety meeting before the ride, and a sign-out sheet for contact information if needed. As always, we'll have coffee and Danish by 8:30 or so. Please arrive a little early for a chance to relax and socialize before the ride.

This ride is a rather short one, on some very tight and narrow roads. We want to be able to get everyone home in plenty of time for your Superbowl parties (including me!) The route is chosen specifically to practice on the type of goat-path roads that one might find in the smaller passes of the North Italian Dolomites, or some of the minor Swiss and Austrian passes. We've had requests for a slow, technical ride, and you can be sure this will be very technical. There will be a short discussion of proper riding style for roads like this, and the rest of the morning will be practice. The ride is not very long, and we should be at Alice’s for “brunch” before noon.  The ride will end at Alice’s and you can stop for a bite to eat or head home for the festivities.

We'll leave the shop and go out Charleston/Arastradero Road.  When we hit Page Mill Rd we will take a left and then an immediate quick right to stay on Arastradero Road.  We will make the left at Alpine and continue to Portola Valley and finally left on Old La Honda Rd (84). We'll cross Skyline Drive and take the continuation of Old La Honda to its junction with 84, then down 84 to San Gregorio for a brief stop. After the stop, we will continue on 84 and then lake a right at Highway 1. Then north to the turn-off for Tunitas Creek and back up Tunitas Creek to Skyline, and south to Alice's. We'll stop there and the ride will officially end at Alice's. You can descend via 84 to Woodside and 280, or retrace our steps back to the shop via Page Mill Road or Kings Mountain Road.  These roads are TIGHT and we'll be going slowly and cautiously. There will be many, many bicyclists! (Especially with the great weather we have been having).  As to skill level, I'd say this ride is a little too challenging for a pure beginner unless you are very confident in your bike-handling ability, but it should be OK for anyone with a moderate level of experience. There are bail-out opportunities if it proves to be too tight for you to enjoy. I like riding these little, slow, technical roads. They are terrific practice and require great concentration, smooth throttle control, the ability to anticipate, and ride comfortably on different surfaces. And of course follow the basic safety rule: DON'T RIDE ANY FASTER THAN YOUR COMFORTABLE PACE! It is going to be a little different for everyone. We will stop often enough for everyone to catch up, so there is no need to hustle, and believe me, crashing takes pretty much all the fun out of the day. Don't do it.

Please, be sure to stay within the safe limits of your riding ability. This is a social ride, not a race, so always ride within your comfort zone and work on being the smoothest rider on the ride, not the fastest. True riding skill is built on the practice of smoothness, control and a sense of the right line, not on trying to go fast. So as always, this is a leisurely ride, nothing difficult, and please, no racing! I hope you can join us.

Have fun and be safe!  E-mail me at mike@calmoto.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards!

Mike Meissner





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