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October Saturday CCBR Meeting

  • October 13, 2012
  • 10:45 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Moffett Field, Mt. View, CA 94035


Thanks to TJ Forsyth for arranging this meeting:

Central Cal BMW Riders visit to Moffett Field

On October 13, 2012, We will meet outside the front gate at 10:45 hrs.  At 11:00 sharp, TJ will escort all attending members through the security gates. The escort is required to get to the Tee Minus One Grill. We will go through two security gates. You will need to show US photo ID, and insurance and registration only if requested. If there are any stragglers, they will have to call me on my cell phone (408-480-2043) for TJ to come back and escort them.

After lunch/meeting, at 13:00 hrs TJ will escort all attendees to the NASA Exploration Center. There is a gift shop at the Exploration Center.

Moffett Field is a Federal facility on Federal property. The police are Federal and laws are under Federal jurisdiction. All traffic violations and crimes are Federal offenses. All guests must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents (Green Card holders). Visits to Moffett Field has additional required steps for entrance to the Moffett Field. For clarification, a "guest" or "visitor" is an individual that has no prior association with Moffett Field. Specifically, a visitor has no military, federal, or federal contractor affiliation with Moffett Field Golf Club.

There are restricted areas at Moffett Field. I will keep you out of them. If you wander in the wrong area you could be met with an armed response, especially the 129th Air National Guard areas which we will pass by.

To gain access through the main gate I will need to escort the group to the Tee Minus One Grill at the NASA Golf Club. We will meet in the parking lot to the right outside the main gate for Moffett Field.

Directions to Moffett Field From Highway 101 North: Take the Moffett FIELD exit. This is the one right after the Ellis Exit. The exit ramp will curve to the right and emerge in front of the Main Gate to Moffett Field.

From Highway 101 South: Take the Moffett FIELD exit -- go under the overpass, then take the cloverleaf and go back over the freeway. Once over the freeway, you will be heading toward the Main Gate of Moffett Field.

Turn right at this stop sign and look for us in the parking lot. You will then follow the escort through the main gate. At the Main Gate, show ID and follow directions of Security Guard. Remember, all vehicles entering Moffett Field are subject to random inspection. If there are any stragglers, they will have to call me on my cell phone (408-480-2043) for me to come back and escort them.






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