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CALmoto & Tri-Valley Moto - Shop Ride to Fremont Peak

  • October 07, 2012
  • 8:30 AM
  • CALmoto in Mountain View



We have a nice, rather short shop ride planned for Sunday, October 7th. We will leave from CALmoto in Mountain View at 9:00am, the shop will be open by 8:30am. Mike Meissner and Arlie Ray Blackshear are going to lead this one. Please arrive a little early and give yourself a chance to relax and socialize before the ride.

This ride is a rather short one, without any particular difficulties. I would say it is suitable for all but the most novice riders. We'll be riding south on 85 to Almaden Expressway to Uvas/McKean Roads, past the Calero, Chesbro and Uvas Reservoirs. There are only two intersections on this road, so turn right on G 8 towards Gilroy, and left on 152, also towards Gilroy. I am going to take us on a shortcut around the town so we'll wait and regroup at 152 and Santa Teresa, on the outskirts of Gilroy. Then we'll hop on 101 for a short time to get to San Juan Bautista, at Hwy 156. We'll go through the outskirts and turn right on the road at the south end of town, at the light, with a gas station on the left. This is G 1, San Juan Canyon Road, and it leads to the top of Fremont Peak. Be careful on this road, it is rather tight and twisty, with the possibility of little sand patches here and there. At the parking lot below the summit we will make our first long stop.

We will take a break here and hike up to the summit. Fremont peak has some great California history to it. Learn more here. If it is clear you can see great sweeping views of Monterey Bay, and if you’re lucky, the Sierras. After our break, we'll ride back down into the town and you can gas up if needed. We will then make our way back to 101 North and then take the first exit (Hwy 129/Chittenden Rd) and work our way over to Carlton/Casserly Rd on our way to Corralitos for lunch at the Corralitos market via Green Valley, Hazel Dell and Browns Valley roads.  This will be the end of the ride, there are many ways back from Corralitos.  After lunch I won't try to keep the group together.

This is a short ride and we'll be done by 12:30 or so, but it is a beautiful, little-known ride and one of the least-traveled roads is the one up to Fremont Peak.

Please be sure to stay within the safe limits of your riding ability. This is a social ride, not a race, so always ride within your comfort zone and work on being the smoothest rider on the ride, not the fastest. True riding skill is built on the practice of smoothness, control and a sense of the right line, not on trying to go fast. So, as always, this is a leisurely ride, nothing difficult, and please, no racing! I hope you can join us. Have fun and be safe!

E-mail me or call me at 650-966-1183, ext. 3 if you have any questions or concerns.

Mike Meissner 
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