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CalMoto Shop Ride to King City

  • March 03, 2013
  • 9:00 AM
  • CalMoto Mountain View parking lot

Destination: King City California

When: Sunday March 3rd, 2013 9:00am

This month we have a special route, with an off-road option, for those who wish to experience the full potential of their GS, Tiger, or other Adventure bike.

We will be leaving the CalMoto Mountain View parking lot at 9:00 am. Please be gassed up and ready to go at that time. We'll have a short safety meeting before the ride, and a sign-out sheet for contact information if needed. As always, please arrive a little early and give yourself a chance to relax and socialize before the ride.

This months ride will be from CalMoto Mountain View to King City. The ride will start by taking 85 south to Almaden Expressway to McKean/Uvas Rd to Hecker Pass Rd thru the western periphery of Gilroy via Santa Teresa Blvd to 101 south. From 101 south to 156 East to San Juan Bautista. At San Juan Bautista at 156 and The Alameda, we turn south onto Salinas/County Rd 3 and follow it till it turns into San Juan Grade to Crazy Horse. We turn left on Crazy Horse Canyon to Old Stage Rd. This road changes several times so it’s critical that the group stays together. From Old Stage Rd we turn left onto Iverson Rd. Proceeding to Iverson and Gloria Rd. At this intersection the Off-Road/Adventure bikes turn left and the road bikes turn right. For those staying on pavement, turning right we’ll head to 101 South and go to Front St/Exit 303 into Soledad. We’ll proceed to East Street and turn left to Metz Rd/146/G15 and follow it along the edge of the mountains, to the outskirts of King City. We jog right at the G13/G15 Junction, over the railroad tracks, heading south along 1st Street/ G15 to Lonoak Rd. We turn left on Lonoak following its circuitous route to Hwy 25/Peach Tree Rd. We turn left on Hwy 25 and head north to Bitterwater/G13 Junction. Turning left onto Bitterwater/G13 and ride into King City turning left onto Lyon and right on Broadway Street. This end of Broadway Street in King City is where a myriad of restaurants are and where we’ll stop and have lunch. 

The off road/adventure riders who turned left on Gloria Rd/La Gloria Rd. will proceed over the dirt road in the mountains to Hwy 25.  The group will reform at the end of Gloria/La Gloria Rd. before proceeding on Hwy 25. Turn right heading south on Hwy 25 until the Bitterwater/G13 Junction. Turn right at Bitterwater/G13 and head toward King City. At the end of the G13, you’ll cross over the railroad tracks jog left along 1st Street/G15 to Broadway Street. Turn right onto Broadway Street and we’ll stop there and have lunch.

The ride will officially end in King City; however Arlie Ray will be riding back to the San Jose area and you are welcome to join him. If you would like to view the route map click here: Google Map.

I want to earnestly request that all riders ride within your comfort zones. Stay within the safe limits of your riding ability, and work on being the smoothest rider on the ride, not the fastest. True riding skill is built on a sense of smoothness, control and a sense of line, not in trying to go fast. Practice performing the smoothest possible upshifts and downshifts by good throttle control and matching engine and road speed, and experiment with slight changes in body position and weight transfer to help control the bike in the corners. For this Sunday's ride we are going to set an easy pace, and anyone who exceeds that pace and passes the leader is on his or her own.

I hope you can join us, have fun and be safe! e-mail me or call (650.966.1183, ext. 3) if you have any questions or concerns.

Ride Safely! ...and, all brands are welcome, of course...

Mike Meissner

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