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CalMoto First Sunday Shop Ride of the Year

  • January 05, 2014
  • 9:00 AM
  • Departure: 9:00am from CalMoto in Mountain View



Sunday, January 5, 2014 Destination: Marin Headlands Departure: 9:00am from CalMoto in Mountain View

Join us for our first Sunday Shop Ride of the year, January 5th, 2014... A short Sunday Ride through the Marin Headlands, getting you home by early afternoon.

We typically head north to Hwy 280 via Charleston/Arastradero Roads. Take 280 to 19th Ave. to 101 north over the Golden Gate Bridge. We usually stop at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge, Vista Point (9:4510:00 am) and regroup, use the restrooms, and look at San Francisco in the sun across the bay.

After your break, head north on 101 to Mill Valley/Stinson Beach/ Highway 1 exit north of Sausalito. Take Hwy 1 over Mount Tamalpais to the summit of Mount Tamalpais. Just follow Highway 1 north from Mill Valley and bear right on Panoramic Highway, right again on Pan Toll Road and follow signs to Mt. Tam. Be careful if you cross the double yellow line; you may get a ticket!

The high point of the ride, and the main stopping place, is the summit of Mt. Tam. I suggest bringing a thermos of coffee or tea, as there are bathrooms but no other facilities. If you want the very best views of the bay, walk up to the Fire Lookout. It is only a ten minute walk up and a five minute run back down to the parking lot, and you really get a panoramic vantage that is unique. When you are ready to take off, be sure to take the right hand turnoff on Ridgecrest Blvd, (donʹt follow Pan Toll back down) and follow Ridgecrest north to the FairfaxBolinas Road (bear left). This is a tight, bumpy, twisty road that rejoins Rte. 1 at the north end of Bolinas Lagoon, just across from the Bolinas turnout. Turn left and head back on Hwy 1 along the Bolinas Lagoon to Stinson Beach. Continue south on Hwy 1 until it loops back over the mountains just south of Muir Woods and brings you back to the Golden Gate. If you still want to explore, take the Muir Woods Cutoff about 6 miles south of Stinson Beach. This takes you through the Muir Woods Redwoods and loops back to Hwy 1 and takes you back to 101 via Mill Valley, the same way you started up the mountain.

The ride ends when we get back the Golden Gate where our riders can take their choice of routes home. I will likely be stopping in the City for something to eat before I head back on 101! Weather should be fantastic this weekend and the views spectacular.

Departure time is 9:00am from California BMW Triumph (We will not be making a stop at TriValley Moto this month), coffee will be ready by 8:30. Be gassed up and ready to leave by 9:00am sharp. Weʹll have a short rider/safety meeting at 8:50. I want to earnestly request that all riders ride within your comfort zones. Stay within the safe limits of your riding ability, and work on being the smoothest rider on the ride, not the fastest. True riding skill is built on a sense of smoothness, control and a sense of line, not in trying to go fast. Practice performing the smoothest possible upshifts and downshifts by good throttle control and matching engine and road speed, and experiment with slight changes in body position and weight transfer to help control the bike in the corners. For this Sundayʹs ride we are going to set an easy pace, and anyone who exceeds that pace and passes the leader is on his or her own. I hope you can join us, have fun and be safe! Email me or call me at 650-966-1183, ext. 3 if you have any questions or concerns. Ride Safely! ...and, all brands are welcome, of course...

Mike Meissner

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