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How do I login to our web site?

Click "Login" in the upper right of the page and enter login details.

How do I get a password or what if I forgot my password?  
Click "Forgot Password" under the Login button in the Login Menu

Where can I get information on upcoming events?  
The next four events are listed on the middle center of the HOME page.
Click on “EVENT CALENDAR” for a complete listing.

How do I update the information in my online profile?  
Login with the instructions above. Then click your Username in the upper right of the website.
Click "Edit Profile" to update your registration information

Where is our Forum?  
Login and use the Forum links under the "Members Only" category of the menu

How can I get pictures or event announcements onto the web site?  
“CONTACT US” / “Click Here For Officers, Directors and Volunteers.”  Contact information and areas of responsibility are given for all CCBR officers, Directors and Extraordinary Volunteers. If you are still not sure who to contact, “Click Here To Contact Us Online.”

How can I send an email to another member?  
Login to the web site,  “Members Only” / “Member Directory.”
Scroll down or Search for the member and click on the email address under Contact Information.


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